PathwayConnect Tuition to Increase 2.9 Percent in U.S. and Canada


In response to regular, ongoing operating costs, and in an effort to make the program available to many more people around the world, BYU-Pathway Worldwide has instituted the following changes to PathwayConnect tuition rates:

Tuition for all Standard-version students in the United States and Canada will increase from $69 per credit to $71 per credit beginning Fall Semester 2018 (courses starting September 17).

Since before PathwayConnect began in 2009, the commitment to low-cost education has guided the program’s formation and growth throughout the world. As BYU-Pathway continues to expand and bless the lives of countless individuals, families, and communities, providing affordable educational opportunities will remain central to BYU-Pathway’s guiding principles in its operations around the globe.

More information is available on the tuition change FAQ page.