Students in Arizona gather for Professional Development Conference

Pathway and BYU-Idaho online students participated in workshops and networking activities

TEMPE, Ariz. — More than 100 PathwayConnect and BYU-Idaho online students attended a professional development event in Tempe, Arizona, on November 5. Students participated in breakout sessions aimed at helping them discover their gifts and talents, as well as learn how to network and prepare for employment.

This conference, as well as others in the past, was a result of BYU-Idaho President Clark G. Gilbert’s desire to “pioneer new ways to reach students” by “amplify[ing] opportunities for local gathering in centers of strength around the world.”1 But what made this particular conference even more powerful was that it was organized as a joint effort between several entities. BYU-Idaho and Pathway provided the administrative oversight, while LDS Business College (LDSBC) created and facilitated the skills-based workshops.

“It was historic to see Pathway, BYU-Idaho, and LDSBC all working together, focused on a common objective,” said Bryan Justesen, director of Pathway’s operations in the United States and Canada. ”It portends good things to come.”

The keynote speaker was Allen J. Morrison, CEO and director general of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, who spoke about overcoming obstacles to achieve success. The networking session helped students connect with others from their field of study and apply the skills learned in the breakout groups.

“The conference was successful in bringing students together and allowing them to connect with each other while learning some very practical skills,” said Mike Cordon, Pathway area manager over the southwestern United States. “The highlight was the breakout sessions — the students were so engaged, and collaborating with LDSBC on the content of those workshops was a wonderful experience.”

BYU-Idaho has previously hosted two Connections Conferences — one in Mexico City in August, and one in Arizona in March.


Members of Pathway, LDS Business College, and BYU-Idaho came together to host the event

1. ^ Clark G. Gilbert, Inaugural Response, Sept. 2015.