PathwayConnect Receives More Than $400,000 in Monetary Donations

2015 LDS Philanthropies Annual Giving report sheds light on contributions’ help in Pathway’s administration

REXBURG, Idaho — Monetary donations to Pathway in 2015 reached nearly $500,000, according to the LDS Philanthropies Annual Giving Report. Contributions have been placed in a general fund to be disbursed to the program “according to need” as it continues to grow.

More than 43,000 individuals throughout the world have enrolled in PathwayConnect since the program launched in 2009. With this rapid growth, funds from donations act as an invaluable resource to allow the program to continue growing and improving.

Contributions help pay for course development, operating costs, travel, training, and program materials. These are especially impactful in many international locations where tuition funds alone are not enough to sustain regular program operations. From these contributions, PathwayConnect will be better positioned to administer the program to students around the world.

Donations have helped make PathwayConnect what it is today. Those interested in making a contribution to the program may visit LDS Philanthropies.