Pathway Launches New Blog

The Pathway Compass will provide readers an array of content related to lifelong learning, spiritual growth and the program’s operations and progress

REXBURG, Idaho — Pathway has launched a new blog, The Pathway Compass, to encourage, inspire and unify a global PathwayConnect community through authentic, personal and uplifting stories and features.

The blog will feature a wide spectrum of content related to spiritual growth, lifelong learning, and self-improvement. It will also store content regarding Pathway’s progress and expansion, advice and tips for students, insights into Pathway’s operations and programs, and more.

The Pathway Newsroom will still serve as the official medium of releasing formal program developments and initiatives.

“The blog is intended to help people get a more intimate glimpse into the daily inspiration and miracles Pathway is providing for thousands of people,” said Andy Cargal, Pathway’s communications manager. “With students, alumni, Church-service missionaries and others participating in hundreds of locations all over the world, we hope the blog can be a way to bring everyone together as well as further extend Pathway’s reach.”

For more information and to experience Pathway’s new blog, visit The Pathway Compass at