New Pathway Exchange Council Aims to Streamline Decision-Making

President Gilbert's Harvard Business Review theory implemented in Pathway administration

REXBURG, Idaho — To better refine Pathway’s administrative processes and efficiency, a new decision-making body has been created called the Pathway Exchange Council (PEC).

Replacing what was previously two separate councils, the PEC will meet weekly to assess and respond to both services and operational needs within Pathway.

The PEC is represented by individuals within each of Pathway’s departments—domestic operations, international operations, communications, student support, missionary support, information systems, and advising. To provide adequate and rapid assistance, mini task forces may be formed as needed to support the PEC in project-based recommendations.

The PEC is modeled after Brigham Young University-Idaho President Clark G. Gilbert’s theory of “exchange teams” as featured in his Harvard Busniess Review article “Two Routes to Resiliance.”