BYU-Pathway Worldwide Employees Finish First Phase of Headquarters’ Transition to Utah

The First Group of BYU-Pathway Worldwide Employees Move to Salt Lake City

Various BYU-Pathway Worldwide employees and their families have moved to Utah, completing the first step in relocating BYU-Pathway’s headquarters to Salt Lake City, Utah.

This move was part of a multi-phased plan to gradually transition all BYU-Pathway departments from Rexburg, Idaho, to Salt Lake City, Utah, by the summer of 2018.

The first group of the transition included BYU-Pathway Worldwide president, Clark G. Gilbert; area operations teams; support and systems; and the EnglishConnect team, which previously operated out of other Church departments throughout Utah.

The second group is comprised of employees from BYU-Pathway’s student support, missionary support, advising, and communications teams. They will continue to work from the Brigham Young University-Idaho campus in Rexburg until their transition takes place next year.

“We are excited to have begun the process of moving our offices to Salt Lake City. This first group has set a strong pace for us in Utah. We look forward to the growth BYU-Pathway will experience as the two groups work together from their different offices during the course of next year,” said J.D. Griffith, BYU-Pathway Worldwide managing director.  

BYU-Pathway Worldwide will maintain a close relationship with BYU-Idaho both during and after the transition to Utah and will still utilize some resources provided by the university.

BYU-Pathway’s new offices will be in the Triad Center, a building in downtown Salt Lake City. For more information, see this press release about the new office building.