Meet the Devotional Speakers for Fall Semester 2021


BYU-Pathway Worldwide monthly devotionals complement the student experience by fostering greater faith and discipleship in Jesus Christ. Students across the world have been inspired by these uplifting messages.

This semester, devotionals will feature the following speakers and General Authorities and Officers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

September 21: BYU-Pathway President Brian K. Ashton and Sister Melinda Ashton
October 19: Sister Camille N. Johnson, Primary General President
November 9: Elder Patrick Kearon, General Authority Seventy
December 7: Elder Quentin L. Cook, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Devotionals typically last 7–10 minutes and can be viewed at 4:00 p.m. (MDT/UTC-6) on the BYU-Pathway Facebook page and later on the BYU-Pathway speeches page. Students responsible for leading the lesson in their gathering that week will facilitate a discussion around topics shared in the devotional. All participants are invited to watch, share, and discuss these inspiring messages.



About the Devotional Speakers

BYU-Pathway President Brian K. Ashton and Sister Melinda Ashton

Brian K. Ashton is the president of BYU-Pathway. President Ashton was the organization’s first vice president of field operations and has also served as Second Counselor in the Church’s Sunday School General Presidency. He received a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Harvard University and previously led an EdTech start-up.

Melinda Ashton graduated from BYU and later attended medical school in Chicago. She served in the Spain Malaga Mission. Together, Brian and Melinda presided over the Texas Houston South Mission from 2012 to 2015. They are the parents of seven children. 

Sis. Camille N. Johnson, Primary General President

Camille Neddo Johnson is the Primary General President. Sister Johnson has served in numerous Church callings, including as mission president companion in the Peru Arequipa Mission. She graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in English, followed by a law degree from the University of Utah S. J. Quinney College of Law. Sister Johnson has worked as a lawyer for more than 30 years at the Snow, Christensen & Martineau law firm, where she recently served as firm president. She and her husband, Douglas, are the parents of three children.

Elder Patrick Kearon, General Authority Seventy

Elder Patrick Kearon is the Senior President of the Seventy and has served as a member of the Presidency of the Seventy since 2017, following five years in Germany in the Europe Area Presidency. He currently assists Elder David A. Bednar in supervising the Middle East/Africa North Area and Elder Ronald A. Rasband in supervising the Utah Area. He has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and the United States in a range of industries and ran his own communications consultancy. He and his wife, Jennifer, are the parents of four children.

Elder Quentin L. Cook, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Quentin L. Cook is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He received a bachelor’s degree in political science from Utah State University, a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Stanford University, and an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Utah State University. Prior to his calling as a General Authority, he worked as a CEO and vice chairman in healthcare, as well as a business lawyer and managing partner. Elder Cook previously served in the Area Presidency in the Philippines, as president of the Pacific Islands and the North America Northwest Areas, and as executive director of the Missionary Department. He and his wife, Mary, have three children and eleven grandchildren.