Facts & Statistics

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Current BYU-Pathway Worldwide Students


28,059 Students
Certificates & Degrees
19,355 Students


145 Countries

Largest Int'l Student Populations

  • Philippines (1464 students)
  • Brazil (1145 students)
  • Mexico (1131 students)

U.S. States

50 U.S. States

Largest U.S. Student Populations

  • Utah (5132 students)
  • California (1454 students)
  • Arizona (1173 students)

PathwayConnect Completers

Students who have completed PathwayConnect's year-long curriculum (since 2009)

Certificate & Degree Matriculation

Average percentage of PathwayConnect completers who enroll in a certificate or degree program

Certificates & Degrees Awarded

Graduates who have received certificates and/or degrees through BYU-Idaho (since 2009)

About BYU-Pathway Worldwide

BYU-Pathway Worldwide offers online higher education opportunities to students throughout the world, serving more than 116,000 people since 2009, through its programs — PathwayConnect and BYU-Idaho online certificates and degrees.

PathwayConnect is a one-year, low-cost educational program that mixes the flexibility of online academic courses, religious education, and the benefits of weekly face-to-face gatherings with other students. The program helps students develop confidence, become self-reliant, and build leadership experience — all of which help students get the gospel down into their hearts, become capable learners, and prepare to lead and support their families. PathwayConnect is currently available in more than 500 locations and 145 countries.

BYU-Idaho Online Certificates & Degrees
BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides access to BYU-Idaho online certificates and degrees. With BYU-Pathway’s certificate-first approach, students can choose from several different programs and earn a certificate and an associate degree on their way to a bachelor’s degree — gaining skills and improving employability at each step along their educational journey. Students who complete a certificate are significantly more likely to continue toward a bachelor’s degree. Plus, it takes no additional time or money to earn certificates on the way to a bachelor’s degree.

To learn more about BYU-Pathway Worldwide, visit byupathway.org.