Cornerstone Religion Courses to be Offered in PathwayConnect

New requirements aim to deepen students’ understanding of doctrine

REXBURG, Idaho — Beginning Fall Semester 2016, students over the age of 30 who are enrolled in PathwayConnect’s Standard version will take the following religion courses online through BYU-Idaho:

This change is part of the Church Education System’s transition to Cornerstone religion courses. “These courses assume students already know the storyline and are familiar with the text, and are ready to delve into some of the doctrines and teachings found in the scriptures,” said Rex Butterfield, acting department chair of BYU-Idaho’s Department of Religious Education.

Students ages 18–30 enrolled in PathwayConnect’s Standard version will continue to fulfill their religion requirements by attending locally offered institute courses.
For more information regarding the new Cornerstone courses, please see the Church’s education webpage.