News Releases

30 June 2022
How BYU-Pathway Can Help You Minister
See how local Church leaders are using BYU-Pathway to help those in need
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10 March 2022
Brian K. Ashton Installed as BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s Second President
BYU-Pathway will continue to follow the pattern of learning found in the House of Lord to help students realize their divine potential
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4 March 2022
Brian K. Ashton to be Inaugurated as BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s Second President
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland will preside at the inauguration of President Brian Ashton
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8 November 2021
Expanded Opportunities for Students in the Pacific Islands and Asia
Students who have completed a program in BYU-Pathway Worldwide can now receive priority consideration for admission to the campus of BYU-Hawaii.
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29 October 2021
BYU-Pathway Rolls Out Guaranteed Scholarship
BYU-Pathway Worldwide will offer a guaranteed scholarship to every student who starts a degree through it's PathwayConnect program.
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11 September 2018
Four Educational Goals for Members in the Pacific
Church members in the Pacific are invited to increase enrollment in PathwayConnect and online certificate and degree programs
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13 February 2018
2017 BYU-Pathway Worldwide Annual Report
Learn about BYU-Pathway’s growth, key milestones, strategic priorities, and more
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16 November 2017
Dr. Clark G. Gilbert Inaugurated as BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s First President
BYU-Pathway will continue building temples of learning for Church members around the world
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7 November 2017
Inauguration to be Held November 16 for First President of BYU-Pathway Worldwide
President Russell M. Nelson will preside at the inauguration and install President Gilbert
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26 September 2017
BYU-Pathway Worldwide Employees Finish First Phase of Headquarters’ Transition to Utah
The First Group of BYU-Pathway Worldwide Employees Move to Salt Lake City
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2 August 2017
Triad Center to be BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s New Headquarters
Current BYU-Pathway Worldwide employees will make the move from Rexburg, Idaho
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23 June 2017
Brazil Connections Conference
BYU-Pathway leaders and Self-Reliance Services held a Connections Conference for PathwayConnect and degree-seeking students in Brazil
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15 June 2017
BYU-Pathway Worldwide Equips Church Members in Europe with Marketable Job Skills
BYU-Pathway Worldwide and Self-Reliance Services Continue to Bring New Opportunities to European Students
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24 May 2017
Pathway and Self-Reliance Services Continue to Build Career Opportunities Across the Globe
Skills gained in online program boosts employability for PathwayConnect and online-degree-seeking students
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26 April 2017
Ghanaian choir of online and PathwayConnect students perform through live stream at BYU-Idaho Devotional
The historic performance marks the first time a PathwayConnect choir has participated in a BYU-Idaho devotional
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20 April 2017
Three PathwayConnect Graduates Earn First BYU-Idaho Certificates Awarded in Brazil
Enrollment for BYU-Idaho certificates is on the rise
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6 April 2017
333 PathwayConnect Alumni Graduate from BYU-Idaho
Total number of BYU-Idaho certificates and degrees awarded to PathwayConnect alumni surpasses 1,700
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23 March 2017
PathwayConnect to open 48 new locations in April
29 countries will welcome new PathwayConnect sites
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17 March 2017
BYU Management Society Helps Female Pathway Graduates Become More Self-Reliant
Numerous initiatives are being offered to help women become stronger in the workforce
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15 March 2017
Pathway Redeveloping Its Administrative System
System will improve functionality and collaborative possibilities
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15 February 2017
Pathway Offerings to Complement Area Presidency Objectives
Pathway administrators traveled to the Philippines, Pacific, and Europe to increase program growth and effectiveness
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7 February 2017
Church Announces BYU–Pathway Worldwide, a Global Higher-Education Organization
Clark G. Gilbert will be the president of the new organization
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2 February 2017
Pathway Outlines its Goals and Initiatives for 2017
PathwayConnect will focus on improving student-lifecycle data, program retention, English learning and professional certificates.
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11 January 2017
Financial Donor Pledges to Match Any Contribution up to $100,000
LDS Philanthropies encourages donor participation to meet $10 million goal for Pathway.
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15 December 2016
PathwayConnect to Open 22 New Locations in January
Nine countries and seven U.S. states will welcome the new PathwayConnect sites
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14 December 2016
216 PathwayConnect Alumni Graduate from BYU-Idaho
Total number of certificates and degrees earned by PathwayConnect alumni surpasses 1,200
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29 November 2016
PathwayConnect Students Meet with BYU-Idaho Faculty
Meeting in Utah aimed to improve student-faculty relations in online programs
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15 November 2016
Church-service Missionary Leaders and Pathway Come Together to Make PathwayConnect More Efficient
Area managers and local leaders will now play a larger role in calling Pathway missionaries
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14 November 2016
Pathway Launches New Blog
The Pathway Compass will provide readers an array of content related to lifelong learning, spiritual growth and the program’s operations and progress
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14 November 2016
Fall Semester 2016 Welcomes More Than 13,000 Students
Statistics released for Fall Semester 2016 show a total enrollment of 13,600 PathwayConnect students.
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10 November 2016
2016 Pathway Annual Report
Learn about key accomplishments, enrollment statistics, future initiatives, and more.
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9 November 2016
Students in Arizona gather for Professional Development Conference
Pathway and BYU-Idaho online students participated in workshops and networking activities
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11 October 2016
BYU-Idaho All-employee Meeting Examines Role of University in Online Education
New changes and focus in BYU-Idaho online programs extend PathwayConnect’s reach worldwide
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10 September 2016
Record Number of Pathway Missionaries Extend Service
Extension rate for Pathway missionaries continues to rise
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19 August 2016
First International BYU-Idaho Connections Conference Held in Mexico City
PathwayConnect and BYU-Idaho Online Students throughout Mexico Attend Professional Conference
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10 August 2016
PathwayConnect to Open 69 New Locations this September
Sites will open in 33 different countries and 10 U.S. states
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8 August 2016
First annual Pathway Missionary Conference held at BYU-Idaho
Pathway missionaries throughout the U.S. and Canada gather in Rexburg, Idaho, to learn together
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18 July 2016
175 PathwayConnect Alumni to Graduate from BYU-Idaho
BYU-Idaho degrees and certificates awarded to PathwayConnect alumni surpasses 1,000
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1 July 2016
PathwayConnect Tuition Changes for 21 Countries planned for Fall Semester 2016
PathwayConnect continues regular tuition changes after careful review
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20 June 2016
Pathway To Be Part of New Global Education Initiative
Pathway, along with other church education programs, will collaborate to provide affordable, effective education to members around the world
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2 June 2016
New Opportunities for PathwayConnect Students in Guatemala
Two universities come together to help students
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10 May 2016
Cornerstone Religion Courses to be Offered in PathwayConnect
New requirements aim to deepen students’ understanding of doctrine
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2 May 2016
PathwayConnect Booth at BYU Women’s Conference Attracts Hundreds
Pathway missionaries and volunteers come together to answer the question, “Is PathwayConnect for Me?”
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31 March 2016
PathwayConnect to open 28 new sites in April
Sites will open in 13 different countries and one U.S. state
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29 March 2016
Pathway and BYU-Idaho Online Advising Teams Merge
New advising efforts aim to bridge the gap between a student’s experience from PathwayConnect to BYU-Idaho online.
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28 March 2016
New Pathway Exchange Council Aims to Streamline Decision-Making
President Gilbert's Harvard Business Review theory implemented in Pathway administration
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15 March 2016
PathwayConnect Receives More Than $400,000 in Monetary Donations
2015 LDS Philanthropies Annual Giving report sheds light on contributions’ help in Pathway’s administration
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14 March 2016
BYU-Idaho Hosts Connections Conference in Arizona
Off-campus professional event created to connect online students
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26 February 2016
PathwayConnect Tuition Changes for South Africa planned for Spring Semester 2016
The tuition changes for South Africa for Spring 2016.
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25 February 2016
Area Manager Travels to Mexico and Central America
PathwayConnect growth is sustained and promoted during visits in Mexico and Guatemala
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15 February 2016
New Campaign Aims to Help Students Learn the Benefit of Certificates
BYU-Idaho certificates may be earned after just 15 credits
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25 January 2016
Pathway Employees Hold All-Team Meeting
Full-time and student employees meet to discuss Pathway’s growth and future
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11 January 2016
PathwayConnect North America West and Northwest Areas Split
Increases in Pathway enrollment nessecitates hire of new area manager
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5 October 2015
PathwayConnect Tuition Changes Planned in U.S., Canada, and Mexico
PathwayConnect tuition rate to increase in U.S. and Canada; decrease in Mexico
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5 October 2015
PathwayConnect Enrollment increases by 33 percent
The PathwayConnect enrollment increases by 33 percent.
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16 September 2015
Clark G. Gilbert Inaugurated as New President of BYU-Idaho
Gilbert calls to continually strengthen the on-campus and online experience for students
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18 August 2015
PathwayConnect Tuition Changes for Brazil
PathwayConnect tuition rate to decrease by 22.8 percent
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14 August 2015
PathwayConnect to Open 86 New Locations in September
PathwayConnect will open 86 new sites this September, spanning 20 countries and 18 U.S. states.
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1 May 2015
PathwayConnect Launches 75 New Locations
PathwayConnect plans to open 75 new sites in Fall Semester 2015, bringing the program's total reach to more than 400 locations worldwide.
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5 March 2015
PathwayConnect Will Open 28 New Sites in April
Sites will open in 18 different countries and two U.S. states.
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1 February 2015
PathwayConnect Launches 87 New Locations
PathwayConnect has opened 87 new sites so far in 2015, bringing the program's total reach to over 300 locations worldwide.
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1 December 2014
PathwayConnect to Launch 57 New Locations
England will open its first PathwayConnect site in January 2015.
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8 October 2014
PathwayConnect enrollment increases by 64 percent
PathwayConnect's Fall 2014 enrollment reaches 11,288 students in more than 20 countries.
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11 March 2014
New PathwayConnect Sites Announced for Spring 2014
PathwayConnect will open its doors to 13 new sites this Spring! Take a look at where PathwayConnect will be next.
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13 February 2014
Pathway, in Partnership with BYU-Idaho, to Open Rexburg Site in April
Pathway's 100th domestic site will open in Rexburg this April.
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4 November 2013
New PathwayConnect Sites Announced for Winter 2014
PathwayConnect sites are starting to dot the globe. See where the newest sites will be starting in January.
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