2016 Pathway Annual Report

Learn about key accomplishments, enrollment statistics, future initiatives, and more.

REXBURG, Idaho — Pathway’s 2016 Annual Report is now available. The report includes 11 of the past year’s most notable accomplishments and also highlights several of the program’s future initiatives, including creating area-specific plans that will support the objectives of local Church leadership.

“As Pathway continues to grow, it is necessary that we have a structured way of letting those involved with or interested in the program know of our past successes and future endeavors,” said J.D. Griffith, managing director of Pathway. “The Annual Report is a snapshot of all Pathway has done this past year and what some of our plans are moving forward.”

The 2016 Annual Report includes:

  • Data and Statistics: Includes program enrollment data and a summary of how students are performing relative to Pathway’s guiding objectives.
  • Yearly Update: Includes key accomplishments, future initiatives, and endeavors Pathway is involved in with partner organizations.
  • Feature Articles: Includes personal stories of PathwayConnect students, a message from a Pathway missionary, insights on the benefits of gathering, and various priesthood leaders’ perspectives on the power of PathwayConnect.    

This is Pathway’s first production of an official Annual Report since the program began in 2009.